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Substance Abuse Assessments in Seattle, WA

Our assessments give us the insight we need to develop a treatment plan that will address your unique needs on the road to recovery. Island Assessment and Counseling offers assessments for drug/alcohol issues, DUI, deferred prosecution and family law for the residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, and the surrounding areas.

What are Assessments?

Assessments are tools that are used by social workers, counselors and medical professionals to determine where you are at with your health and well-being. These assessments help us understand the situation from your perspective as well as a professional perspective.

How Do Assessments Work?

Assessments involve a series of questions that are asked in a conversational way. They are tools that allow us to get to know each client better as a person. The information we gather during an assessment is vital to developing an effective treatment plan for you.

Who Can Benefit from Assessments?

Counselors and clients benefit from the process of completing an assessment. Without this tool, counselors may miss some details that give them vital information to aid in the recovery. Assessments also help clients communicate their needs and concern.

What are the Signs that Someone Needs an Assessment?

An assessment is always recommended for anyone entering treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, abuse or addiction. During the meeting with counselors, they discuss each aspect of the assessment in detail. Their goal is to develop an effective treatment plan, not pry or simply make you feel uncomfortable about the process.

What Happens During the Assessment?

After you fill out the paperwork and assessment tools, counselors use a conversational approach to assessments in which they start with a question and let the conversation flow from there. If they feel that the discussion is straying from the intent of the assessment, they refer back to the tool to ensure that they gather all the necessary information.

How Much Do Assessments Cost in Seattle?

Island Assessment and Counseling accepts most insurance plans and accept cash or credit cards for the client’s portion of the payment. For those who are uninsured or need help with out-of-pocket expenses, we offer in-house payment plans.

Why Choose Island Assessment and Counseling for Assessments

Island Assessment and Counseling offers addicts:

  • More than 21 years’ experience
  • State-approved facility for holistically-based programs
  • Staff includes Certified Counselors, Licensed Counselors, and Chemical Dependency Counselors
  • Evidence-based practices, such as 12-step, motivational and cognitive behavioral therapy

The assessment is a tool that we use to better understand you and your addiction. Island Assessment and Counseling, conveniently located in Seattle and Oak Harbor, is a highly-rated counseling center serving the residents of Washington State. Our evidence-based programs help those who need rehab, dual diagnosis treatment and addiction treatment programs. We also offer assessments for DUI, deferred prosecution and family law. Please contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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