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Domestic Violence Treatment in Seattle, WA

Domestic violence is a devastating and complex problem that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse by the victim and the person inflicting the violence. Island Assessment and Counseling offers domestic violence treatment at our Oak Harbor location and surrounding areas in Washington State.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a complex problem that may involve physical, sexual, emotional and/or psychological abuse. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence identifies domestic violence as:

“…the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault and/or other abusive behavior as a part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another.”

Unraveling the effects of domestic violence is a lengthy and complex situation which is why we recommend that anyone involved in a domestic violence situation seek counseling and support. In some cases, victims may need to leave the residence and find safe shelter.

How Does Domestic Violence Treatment Work?

Domestic violence treatment may be necessary for the perpetrator as well as the victim. The goal of domestic violence counseling is to:

  • Help the perpetrator overcome mental health issues that lead to domestic violence
  • Support the victim of domestic violence to make more empowering and healthy choices

Who Can Benefit from Domestic Violence Treatment?

If you are involved in a domestic violence situation, either as a victim or perpetrator, you should seek support and counseling. We also recommend that you contact the authorities when domestic violence arises.

Exploring the Roots of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It can affect people of all backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and community. It may occur between roommates, spouses and parents/children. Women and men can be the victims of domestic violence. In most cases, perpetrators have grown up in a household where domestic violence is commonplace. In other cases, individuals experience life events that trigger the victimization of the domestic partner.

Changes in Behavior Related to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence may increase very quickly. It typically begins with subtle comments that hurt someone emotionally and soon escalate into more extreme abusive behavior. Victims of domestic violence find themselves afraid of the partner and “walk on eggshells” to avoid anything that may trigger another episode. People who are the victims of domestic violence may feel that they have no other options and stay with the perpetrator.

What are the Signs that Someone Needs Domestic Violence Treatment?

Physical injuries are the most obvious signs of domestic violence, but there are many indications that are more difficult to see, such as timid behavior, fear, anxiety, and depression. People may miss work and other important appointments. Body language may indicate a person is fearful of another.

What Happens During Domestic Violence Treatment?

Victims and perpetrators in domestic violence situations undergo an intensive and comprehensive treatment to help them find a greater sense of personal power and way of coping with life. During the domestic violence counseling, an underlying mental health condition is often discovered which may be the catalyst to the violence.  Our clients undergo treatment plans specifically customized to address these issues.

How Much Does Domestic Violence Treatment Cost in Seattle?

Domestic violence is a tragic situation that still may affect someone years after the violence stops. Our treatment plans are developed to help the perpetrator involved in a domestic violence situation. We strive to make our program as affordable as possible. You can pay for the cost with cash or credit cards. If you need help with your out-of-pocket expenses, we offer in-house payment plans.

Why Choose Island Assessment and Counseling for Domestic Violence Treatment

Island Assessment and Counseling offers treatment that involves:

  • More than 22 years’ experience
  • State-approved facility for holistically-based programs
  • Staff includes Certified Counselors, Licensed Counselors, and Chemical Dependency Counselors
  • Evidence-based practices, such as 12-step, motivational and cognitive behavioral therapy

Are you or someone you know living in a domestic violence situation? We can help. Island Assessment and Counseling, conveniently located in Seattle and Oak Harbor, is a highly-rated counseling center serving the residents of Washington State. Our evidence-based programs help those who need rehab, dual diagnosis treatment, domestic violence treatment, and addiction treatment programs. Please contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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