Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Seattle, WA

Island Assessment and Counseling offers rehab, dual diagnosis treatment and addiction treatment programs for the residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah and the surrounding areas of Washington. We have an excellent reputation for helping people just like you.

Rehab in Seattle, WA

Our rehab program is where you learn to understand your addiction and ways to live a better, more positive life. We offer several evidence-based approaches that are tailored to your personal needs. READ MORE

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Seattle, WA

Did you know that most people who experience drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have underlying emotional issues that can be remedied with proper counseling? Most people believe that abuse and addiction are choices that people make. Realistically, emotional issues and poor coping skills cause a person to rely on drugs and alcohol. The pattern of behavior may stem from childhood, trauma or peer influence. Our dual diagnosis treatment program not only helps with abuse and addiction but also the issues that lead to domestic violence and problems related to anger management. READ MORE

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DUI Assessments

Are you facing a DUI conviction? Island Assessment and Counseling offers court-mandated assessments for those facing driving suspension, jail time and fines for driving under the influence. Our services also include assessments for family law situations and deferred prosecution. READ MORE

Addiction Treatment Programs in Seattle, WA

Sometimes appropriate treatment requires a degree of flexibility in scheduling and individual approaches. Island Assessment and Counseling offers Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Outpatient Counseling so that you can get the treatment your need. READ MORE

Addiction Resources in Seattle, WA

Drug and alcohol abuse/addiction creates chaos in the life of the user as well as family and friends. It’s very common to feel confused or want to understand the person’s drug use. Our addiction resources provide some basic information about alcohol and drug dependency, abuse, and addiction. READ MORE

Meet Our Administrator

For more than nine years, our facility has benefitted from the leadership of Amy Hofeidtz. As well as serving as our Administrator, Amy works as our Clinical Director, so she understands every aspect of our services and the needs of our patients. She is registered with the Washington State Department of Health as a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP). This, combined with her experience in clinical and counseling work, is why Island Assessment and Counseling is a leading drug and alcohol treatment facility. READ MORE

Island Assessment and Counseling, conveniently located in Seattle and Oak Harbor, is a highly-rated counseling center serving the residents of Washington State. Our programs provide a wide range of treatments with a proven track record of helping those who need rehab, dual diagnosis treatment and addiction treatment programs. Please contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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